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TUOYUAN Precision Intelligent Manufacturing Co., LTD
provides you best services, best prices, fastest delivery and highest quality products.

Please take a look around here and please contact us for any further questions or inquiries.



Sales: from an inquiery to your product

From the first contact, over the quotation and planing till the final shipping our sales team stand allways at your side. To be a sales in TUOYUAN means not onl to sell it means to take care of all the needs from our customers and to be in contact during the whole process.

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Production and QC

Quality & delivery time are most important for our customers and partners, so how it could not be the most important task for us to follow up that demand. It is our duty. 

Permanently checking the material, during the production and at the end let us become succesfull of these duties.

Shipping, book kepping and after sales service

The job is not done after receiving the payment, handling the shippment. To get the right feedback and to see our customers success with our goods is the best payment to get and to work together for a long time. To reach targets is not always easy but the hard work is worth it.



Tuoyuan Precision Intelligent Manufacturing (Dongguan) Co., LTD

was founded in 2003, it is a modern enterprise integrating professional development, design, manufacture and injection molding.

Located in Chang'an Town, easy to reach from Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Shenzhen Airport. The location is a perfect combination of industrial areas and convenient stay and or living. All our partners, clinets and guest are welcome. If you are interested to visite us, please let us help and organize your trip and stay.


The company covers an area of 3,600sqm and has fixed assets of 15 million yuan and has passed ISO 9001 certification, has approx. 110 employees more if we need it to reach our client demands. Flexibility and target oriented organization is our duty.

Please check out all our detail information on our company website and please contact us for further information or inquiries (click here to get to our contact page).


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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +86-769-85096073 or fill out the following form

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7 Jinping Road, Jinxia Henan Industrial Zone, Chang 'an Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China


D-U-N-S® 540920325

Tel:  +86-769-85096073

Fax: +86-769-85096072

Jiangxi Factory

JiangXi XiangXi Precision Manufacturing Co. LTD 

Hexi Industrial Zone, Xingan County

Jiangxi , China


TUOERHUI (Hong Kong) Jing Gong Co., Ltd.

RM 1802B Fortress Tower

250 King’s Road
North Point

Hong Kong, China

D-U-N-S® 663296175

Tuoerhui Branch Logo.png

Tuoerhui Germany Branch

Tel.: +49/151-40191128

Am Wasserwerk 1

31787 Hamelin,

Germany - Europe

Member of IHK Hanover

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